Our Story

Explorars, a portmanteau of ‘Explorer’ and ‘Scholar’, began as an idea in 2010. Strongly believing that travel is an excellent but highly underappreciated form of experiential learning, the company’s founders sought to transform this belief into a practical option for schools and parents. After a few years of incubation, development hit its full stride in 2013 and the Indian headquarters was officially launched in 2014.

This was soon followed by a flurry of activity in 2015, a year in which the Dubai headquarters was launched and multiple domestic and international trips were organised. Since then, Explorars has been striving to expand education beyond the classroom, driven by the motivation of ‘igniting young minds to pursue their purpose in life’.







The Explorars journey begins

Indian headquarters officially launched

Dubai headquarters officially launched

First domestic and international trips

Explorars greatly expands its program offerings

SelfExplore program launched

what we do

Explorars offers educational travel programs for students with a vision of

"Transforming Learning through Experiential Travel"

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Uncover a range of academic and vocational opportunities

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Engage with experts in hands-on learning sessions

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Discover yourself through a range of transformative experiences

What Makes Us Different?

ULeaP Framework

The 'Explorars India' differentiators provide Unique Learning Potential (ULeaP) where students throughout India learn skills relevant for life.

Each of our programs cover ULeaP elements:


Creating a connect between classroom learning and the real world

Life skills

Develop self-awareness and values like Leadership, Team building and Independence.

SENSE: Social
& ENvironmental

Enables the child to develop sensitivity towards challenges facing the environment and society.


Learning made fun to ensure enriching experience.

Starts with ULeap thought of the day

ULeaP activities during the day

Day ends with ULeaP reflection time

Why Explorars India?


Explorars facilitates student travel across the globe for students in India. Educational travel and exchange program arranged for students in India have gained massive popularity due to its effectiveness. Students can travel to different places in groups and gain valuable knowledge about a specific subject through experiential learning. Student travel in India gives students a chance to indulge in educational activities that help them explore the world on their own.

  • A team of travel enthusiasts designing experiential learning programs
  • Expert guidance in a variety of disciplines, including educators and historians
  • Trained Program Directors executing the Explorars mission
  • Individuals driven by the Unique Learning Potential (ULeaP) philosophy

  • High standards of safety and security
  • Impeccable and consistent program quality
  • Partnerships with established vendors and service providers

  • Transforming education through travel experiences
  • Training in a variety of life skills
  • Providing academic and vocational perspectives

Ignite Ambitions

We provide all-round learning through a variety of programs in different disciplines, giving students the chance to discover their true passion and ignite an ambition

Explore the Future

The future holds many challenges and opportunities. To face a rapidly changing world and job market, students need to adapt skillsets and learn independently. Explorars gives them the chance to better understand future career prospects and the skills needed to succeed in it.

Experiential learning

Explorars believes that all true learning comes from experience. Our specially designed ULeaP tool is at the heart of our experiential learning process and provides students memorable lessons that support them for life

Holistic development

Our programs are designed to comprehensively educate a student and address all the skills to tackle the challenges of the modern world. Expect students to return physically stronger, mentally tougher and more socially adept.

Real-life learning

Explorars pushes the boundaries of learning with programs that provide learning opportunities outside the classroom. Through challenges and interaction, students gain skills that aid them in all aspects of life.

Feel safe

With a 200 point risk assessment checklist and a 24/7 clinic on call, Explorars always makes safety the first priority. We maintain a 10:1 student-chaperone ratio and our Program Directors are trained in first aid.

Our Team

Ashish Chadha

Ashish Chadha

Founder Director

Ashish Chadha

Ashish brings 20 years of rich experience in the travel space, running an award winning luxury travel company, Leisure Ways, with offices across India and South Africa providing bespoke travel experiences for India's foremost business luminaries and celebs. creating unforgettable memories for over 8000 travelers annually. Ashish's passion for travel has taken him to almost 40 countries across the globe.

Shoba Mohan

Shoba Mohan

Founder Director

Shoba Mohan

Shoba brings more than 15 years of diverse experience in the travel space. She is the founder of RARE, an award winning brand leader in destination and experiential marketing one of the largest in this space. Shoba also writes regularly for various travel magazines, is a nature lover and a true people's person, expert at forming powerful partnerships.

Siddharth Suri

Siddharth Suri

Founder Director

Siddharth Suri

Sid started as a hotelier branching successfully into the corporate world. He brings over 15 years of diverse experience in sales, marketing and business management across India, Middle East and Africa, building consumer franchise based on business insights as a food specialist. Is a proven business turnaround and growth specialist with an uncanny ability of providing creative business solutions. Sid loves music, karaoke and is a diehard foodie

Tarun Dara

Tarun Dara

Founder Director

Tarun Dara

Tarun has had 15 years of progressively enriching experience working with some of the largest financial institutions based in Emerging Markets. His area of expertise is corporate finance and risk management with exposure to investments in diverse geographies which include Asia Pacific, US and Middle East. Tarun is a sports enthusiast and nurtures a passion to build social capital.

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