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Camp Bagicha

Take on a high octane adventure at Ramgarh, situated in the Kumaoni hills. The need for life skills increases with each day and Camp Bagicha is the place to start! From socials skills to strength and stamina building, there"s plenty to be learned here.

Camp Botanix

Get in tune with Nature at Camp Botanix at Damdama. The Botanix Nature Resort is the ideal place to see nature"s magic unfold. With a mix of adventure activities and team-based games, every moment is one to be savoured and learned from.

Camp Hornbill

Take the time out to escape from urban life and edge closer to Nature. At the Jim Corbett Park in Ramnagar, you"ll experience a wide range of adventure and team-based activities that train you in life skills and are brimming with fun. The only thing you"ll take away apart from your learning are memories.

Path to Global Citizenship

The path to Global Citizenships begins here, as you travel to Singapore for a holistic program organized by Yale and NUS. By planning and executing projects on the challenges and issues of the 21st century, you"ll build life skills such as communication, teamwork and leadership.

Make a difference @ Adventure Island

Learning? Check. Fun? Check. Community service? Check. Welcome to Bintan Island, where fun and social service are synonymous. You"ll interact with the local children, help the community build infrastructure and participate in a series of thrilling adventure activties like zipling and diving. Get ready to get your hands dirty.

Bowled Over: Sri Lanka

Take a full-fledged cricketing lesson in Sri Lanka. Learn new tactics and build team chemistry by taking on three Sri Lankan school teams at international venues, making friends along the way!

Community Engagement in Cambodia

Cambodia is a country rich in culture and history. Through expert-led villages to Buddhist temples, rural villages and community service centers, you"ll get an authentic understanding of the culture of the countries. You"ll plant trees and plants, work with the local community and appreciate the culture and history of a Phnom-enal people.

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