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Uncover the Ancient Secrets of China

Step into the orient and uncover China"s vibrant culture! Learn more of China through art and martial arts workshops, watching the Peking Opera Show, exploring the Shanghai Museum and a walk across the Great Wall of China.

Arabian Coastline and Ecosystem

Goa is steeped in history, and is also home to numerous sanctuaries and ecosystems. Take a closer look at both as you visit the Bom Jesus Basilica and St. Catejan Churches, the Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary, spice plantations, mangroves and marine. Oh, and you"ll also be banana boating, jet skiing and parasailing.

History of Gold and a Golden History

Learn about the struggles that South Africans had to endure to achieve an equal society. Discover their rich history in gold by visiting an underground gold mine and panning for gold. You"ll also visit The Apartheid Museum, take a few sciences lessons on Table Mountain and visit a penguin colony.

Meander through pristine heritage of wilderness

Observe nature and wildlife in its natural habitat as you visit Pinnawala"s elephant orphanage, and the Yala National Park, which is home to over 200 species of birds and 44 mammals. You will also have the opportunity to be a part of a turtle conservation project!

Rise, Fall and Rebirth of Germany

The 21st century was built on the changes brought about by the two World Wars. Discover how Germany, at the center of it all, transformed itself to become one of the leading powers of the free world. You"ll visit iconic locations like the Berlin Wall and Dresden.

Explore Central Europe

Much of modern art stems from the work produced by artists in the medieval period. Discover how we modern art can trace its heritage back to Europe by participating in workshops in art, architecture and music. Broaden your cultural understanding by visiting a school and a university, and interacting with the students.

Swimming Training in Kiwi Land

Travel to the land of the Kiwis and the Lord of the Rings to dive into an intense professional swimming experience, where you"ll get trained in one of the oldest physical activities in the world. You"ll also trek through rugged terrain to learn about volcanic history at the Rangitoto Island.

Basketball Training & Adventure

Have an interest in basketball? Would you like to improve physicals skills like balance and coordination? Or perhaps you"d like a little more discipline in your life? Any which way, this basketball training program is for you, covering all of the aforementioned. You"ll experience comprehensive training in basketball, led by a professional. Study strategies, improve fitness and learn discipline!

Journey Through History & Science

Explore the prospects of the manufacturing and science industries on this intense experience that"s focused on science and history. You"ll get to tackle hands-on experiements at the Nemo Science Center, spend an entire day at the Euro Space Center and learn about the latest trends in manufacturing at the BMW Motorcycle factory.

An Odyssey Down Under

Tucked away from Asia, Australia is a land known for its arid outbacks, but it"s home to so much more. Learn about Australia"s past by visiting iconic locations like Bondi Beach and the The Rocks. Also on the agenda is the Featherdale Wildlife Park, with its unique collection of native wildlife and birds, and Dream World.

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