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An Expedition into the Heart of the Himalayas

What is it like in the "World"s Happiest Country?" Find out as you go on a spiritual journey through Bhutan, discovering Buddhism in interactions with monks and monastery visits. You"ll also speak to the local people and observe the work of the local art and farming industries.

Design, create and pitch your own product @ Yale

Do you have dreams of starting your own business or launching a product? In this program, you"ll learn all the skills that an entrepreneur should have, from networking to product pitching. You"ll be at the prestigious institute of Yale, where you"ll also get incomparable global exposure.

The French Connection

The best way to learn a language is by immersing yourself in the culture. Better your French on this program through cultural immersion. You"ll stay with a family in their own home, attend daily French lessons, integrate yourself with the French culture and participate in creative workshops.

Engineer your future @ UC Berkeley

The future is STEM and there"s no better place to get a head start than at Berkeley. Build underwater robots, learn project building and analytical skills through engineering challenges and glimpse potential options in engineering and the sciecnes. There"s also the opportunity to earn college credits for university applications!

A Royal Fiesta

Experience Spain in all its glory as you trace its royal heritage from centuries ago. A grand specatle in art, architecture and local culture is in store as you get an up close look of the city. You"ll also learn how to cook authentic Spanish dishes and watch a football match live!

Making an Impact

Lend a hand to those less priviliged on this volunteering expedition to Geejgarh. You"ll change the lives of local residents by building educational infrastructure, cleaning the environment and designing a sustainable community.

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