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A Space Venture

Launch yourself into the space industry and experience genuine astronaut training in Ardennes, Belgium. You"ll get the chance to study astronomy, construct and test micro-rockets, participate in space shuttles simulations and train with real simulators!

Advanced Learning in the Alps

How does the United Nations function and what challenges are they addressing? You"ll find the answers to that and more as you travel across Switzerland, visiting the United Nations, CERN and hospitality colleges to learn how these fields work.

Playing under the English Sun

Travel to Oxford and Cambridge, the highest ranked universities in the world, participate in career development workshops, visit England"s banking hubs and explore London"s diverse culture on a bicycle!

Rise, Fall and Rebirth of Germany

The 21st century was built on the changes brought about by the two World Wars. Discover how Germany, at the center of it all, transformed itself to become one of the leading powers of the free world. You"ll visit iconic locations like the Berlin Wall and Dresden.

Explore Central Europe

Much of modern art stems from the work produced by artists in the medieval period. Discover how we modern art can trace its heritage back to Europe by participating in workshops in art, architecture and music. Broaden your cultural understanding by visiting a school and a university, and interacting with the students.

Journey Through History & Science

Explore the prospects of the manufacturing and science industries on this intense experience that"s focused on science and history. You"ll get to tackle hands-on experiements at the Nemo Science Center, spend an entire day at the Euro Space Center and learn about the latest trends in manufacturing at the BMW Motorcycle factory.

The French Connection

The best way to learn a language is by immersing yourself in the culture. Better your French on this program through cultural immersion. You"ll stay with a family in their own home, attend daily French lessons, integrate yourself with the French culture and participate in creative workshops.

A Royal Fiesta

Experience Spain in all its glory as you trace its royal heritage from centuries ago. A grand specatle in art, architecture and local culture is in store as you get an up close look of the city. You"ll also learn how to cook authentic Spanish dishes and watch a football match live!

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