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Playing under the English Sun

Travel to Oxford and Cambridge, the highest ranked universities in the world, participate in career development workshops, visit England"s banking hubs and explore London"s diverse culture on a bicycle!

An American Dream STARring You

Find out what the future of the space industry is like through hands-on workshops, NASA astronaut challenges and like skills. You"ll also get the chance to interact with a real astronaut, peer into American history at the Smithsonian Museum and Lincoln Memorial, and see the magic of Disney at Disneyland in Florida.

Uncover the Ancient Secrets of China

Step into the orient and uncover China"s vibrant culture! Learn more of China through art and martial arts workshops, watching the Peking Opera Show, exploring the Shanghai Museum and a walk across the Great Wall of China.

History of Gold and a Golden History

Learn about the struggles that South Africans had to endure to achieve an equal society. Discover their rich history in gold by visiting an underground gold mine and panning for gold. You"ll also visit The Apartheid Museum, take a few sciences lessons on Table Mountain and visit a penguin colony.

Explore Central Europe

Much of modern art stems from the work produced by artists in the medieval period. Discover how we modern art can trace its heritage back to Europe by participating in workshops in art, architecture and music. Broaden your cultural understanding by visiting a school and a university, and interacting with the students.

Basketball Training & Adventure

Have an interest in basketball? Would you like to improve physicals skills like balance and coordination? Or perhaps you"d like a little more discipline in your life? Any which way, this basketball training program is for you, covering all of the aforementioned. You"ll experience comprehensive training in basketball, led by a professional. Study strategies, improve fitness and learn discipline!

An Expedition into the Heart of the Himalayas

What is it like in the "World"s Happiest Country?" Find out as you go on a spiritual journey through Bhutan, discovering Buddhism in interactions with monks and monastery visits. You"ll also speak to the local people and observe the work of the local art and farming industries.

The French Connection

The best way to learn a language is by immersing yourself in the culture. Better your French on this program through cultural immersion. You"ll stay with a family in their own home, attend daily French lessons, integrate yourself with the French culture and participate in creative workshops.

A Royal Fiesta

Experience Spain in all its glory as you trace its royal heritage from centuries ago. A grand specatle in art, architecture and local culture is in store as you get an up close look of the city. You"ll also learn how to cook authentic Spanish dishes and watch a football match live!

Path to Global Citizenship

The path to Global Citizenships begins here, as you travel to Singapore for a holistic program organized by Yale and NUS. By planning and executing projects on the challenges and issues of the 21st century, you"ll build life skills such as communication, teamwork and leadership.

Bowled Over: Sri Lanka

Take a full-fledged cricketing lesson in Sri Lanka. Learn new tactics and build team chemistry by taking on three Sri Lankan school teams at international venues, making friends along the way!

Community Engagement in Cambodia

Cambodia is a country rich in culture and history. Through expert-led villages to Buddhist temples, rural villages and community service centers, you"ll get an authentic understanding of the culture of the countries. You"ll plant trees and plants, work with the local community and appreciate the culture and history of a Phnom-enal people.

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