Best experiential learning programs in UAE by Explorars.

What We Do

Explorars offers educational travel programs for students with a vision of "Transforming Learning through Experiential Travel"



Endless Exploration opportunities for Students in Dubai
through Educational tours



Ultimate Experiential learning programs for
Dubai schools and students



holistic development

ULeaP Framework

The 'Explorars UAE' differentiators provide Unique Learning Potential (ULeaP) where students throughout UAE learn skills relevant for life.

Each of our programs cover 4 ULeaP elements:

Direct Curriculum Connect

Creating a connect between classroom learning and the real world

Life Skills Learning

Develop self-awareness and values like Leadership, Team building and Independence.


Learning made fun to ensure enriching experience.

Educational Travel Program Concept

Why Explorars UAE

  1. Visionary Leadership in providing Unique Learning Potential (ULeaP).

  2. Passionate Team of travel enthusiasts in Dubai designing our experiential learning programs for students in Dubai.

  3. Many renowned Historians, Naturalists, Educators assisting us in DXB, UAE.

  4. Talented and Trained UAE Program Directors delivering the Explorars promise to schools and parents in Dubai.


High standards of service and safety through deployment of systems and processes for consistent quality of delivery.


Making a difference in a child's life by transforming learning through travel experiences.



In Dubai, education is not just about reading books, but also getting knowledge through practical experience. Educational tours add to our knowledge and experience. That’s why we are here! Explorars offers a wide range of educational travel programs for students in Dubai to help them explore, learn and grow. Our exchange programs in Dubai and educational tours are distinguished by the Unique Learning Potential they offer.

4 uleap Elements of Student Travel Programs

Our student travel programs in Dubai embrace 4 ULeaP elements:

  • Direct Curriculum Connect
  • Life Skills Learning
  • Social & Environmental Sensitivity SENSE
  • Fun

Each of our student travel programs is designed to teach kids the skills that are relevant in life. Students will not only learn more about the place, its history, people, art and culture but also develop influence, compassion, courage and self-awareness. Experiential learning helps students develop team building, communication and leadership skills at an early age and gain significant advantages over their peers later in life and the competitive market in Dubai.

As a passionate team of experts specializing in educational travel in Dubai, we design our experiential learning programs with a goal of creating a connection between classroom learning and the real world. This allows students to learn something new and have fun at the same time. Our travel programs in UAE also allow them to learn more about the challenges faced by the environment and society today.

We have many celebrated historians, educators and naturalists as well as trained program directors helping us deliver our promise. Explorars is here to transform learning by proving children with enriching travel experiences they’ll never forget.


Your child’s safety is our priority. We provide more than 1 chaperone for every 10 children for your complete peace of mind. Our expert program directors are first aid and emergency trained and there’s a clinic at each destination. We also provide comprehensive travel insurance for all students and chaperones.

Our high standards of safety and service allow us to continue providing the best service to our clients. For more information, call us at +971 4 5595734

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