School Trips In UAE | Safety


Your child's safety and security are foremost in our minds.

  • 'Live Report' feature on our website and Face Book page, giving regular bulletins from the destination itself Emergency and first aid trained Tour Directors and a clinic on call at every destination
  • High ratio of chaperone to students for constant supervision.
  • More than 1 chaperone for every 15 children.
  • Mandatory Travel Insurance for all our students and travelers.
  • A child's safety and security is foremost in our minds.

SYTA Safety Tips


  • Limit the amount of cash you bring. You will be given guidance on how much money you will need. It is better to bring a credit card or ATM card where ever there will be an opportunity to use it.
  • Please carry your health care information while traveling abroad, make sure each plan offers coverage.
  • We will always have a simple first aid kit containing bandages, antibiotic cream, pain relievers, etc ready.
  • Please let your Program Directors know in advance which medication you are taking . Keep any prescription medication in its original container, and bring a photocopy of all current prescriptions so they can more easily be replaced if lost.
  • Make copies of airline tickets, passports and visas when applicable. Your Program Director will be Happy to collect and hold on to these copies for you.

Safety Tips for Motorcoach Travel

  • All students to remain seated. Most accidents occur when passengers are standing in the aisles.
  • Listen to emergency procedures and know how to use emergency window exits.
  • Make sure you know the motorcoach number when off the coach.
  • Keep well clear of the door when waiting for it to open.

Safety Tips for Air Travel

  • Please keep your seatbelts on at all times while seated.
  • Pay attention to the pre-flight safety demonstration and make sure you know where your nearest exit is.
  • If any of you wear contact lenses, please bring glasses for the flight. The recycled air can dry out eyes.

Safety Tips at the Hotel

  • You are advised to keep doors locked and chained and never open your hotel room to a stranger.
  • Read the fire instructions on the back of the room door, and know where the nearest fire emergency exit is located on the hall.
  • In case of fire, never get into an elevator.
  • Make sure you never leave valuables including passports in the hotel room. Use the hotel safe or an in-room safe if available.
  • Make sure you know how to contact the front desk and the Program Directors/ Chaperones room.
  • Never enter your room if it is unlocked or if you are alone and someone is following you down the hall. Let them pass you before entering.
  • Make sure your hotel door is shut and locked behind you.

Safety Tips while Touring

  • Make sure you have the name, address and phone number of the hotel at all times.
  • Keep a small amount of money in their pockets to pay for small purchases so they do not have to open their wallet in a busy place.
  • The best place to keep a wallet is in a zippered pocket on the inside of a jacket, or in a front pants pocket. Never carry a wallet in the back pocket.
  • Use only authorized agents when exchanging money.
  • Be aware that traffic laws vary in different places and look both ways when crossing the street.
  • Do not leave luggage unattended in public areas and never accept packages from strangers.
  • Follow the buddy system rule and make sure you don't stray from the group.