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Mission Statement

Provide your child with a competitive edge to ensure success in a dynamic world


It will help you equip your child with the following:

  • Complements curriculum learning
  • Facilitates holistic development
  • Provides Global and cultural exposure
  • It helps you and your child understand her/his strengths, potential and passion


For most programs, you can register in three easy ways:
  • Contact our Customer Service Department at +91-11-45524925.
  • Complete the registration form (attached to the trip letter distributed by your child's Program Leader) and fax the front and back with your credit card information.
  • Return the completed registration form to Explorars by mail to 17, West Patel Nagar, New Delhi – 110008.
Account changes must be submitted in writing by the Responsible Party, or they can be made by logging into your My Trip account. Click My Information, update your information, and then click Save Changes.
There is always a chance that space may be available, so you can still register and be placed on a waitlist. For faster service, register online at or call Customer Service at +91-11-45524925. Otherwise, please contact your Program Leader for a paper Registration Form. We will do our best to accommodate you. If you register after the final payment deadline: (1) Full payment is required with your registration, and (2) Your child is automatically placed on a waitlist until it is determined whether a bus seat and/ or airline seat can be secured. In the rare instance space does not become available; you will receive a full refund. If your child registers after the group's final payment deadline, a late registration fee (10% of the trip cost or a minimum of $30) will be added to the base trip price. Additionally, participants who register after the final payment deadline may be required to pay additional airline fees. Parents should call Customer Service at 1-800-468-5899 to reinstate or register after the final payment deadline.
Waitlist status is indicated on all invoices and in My Account on My Trip.
Yes. Explorars welcomes disabled participants and makes every effort to accommodate the student's needs. Please have the Program Leader contact his or her Account Manager regarding any special needs so we may take care of the necessary arrangements.
Due to the nature of group travel, we are unable to offer ground-only packages. Our programs are purchased as an all-inclusive package for group travel only. We do not offer individual arrangements for group travel participants.

Program And Travel Information

The group leader, referred to as the Program Leader, is most often a teacher at your child's school. The Program Leader is supported by other chaperones as needed, usually teachers/administrators at the school.
To ensure your child is properly monitored, Explorars requires a safe ratio of adults to students on each program. The Program Leader carefully assigns the chaperones. Please contact the Program Leader with any questions or concerns you may have about chaperones.
Safety and security are the top priorities for Explorars. Explorars will not operate any part of a program if the safety of any participant is compromised.
At the time of confirmation, contact details of the Chaperones and Tour Director will be shared.
All program participants are provided with accident, illness, and accident-related insurance coverage. Any charges not covered by this insurance are the responsibility of the participant.
Please check with your child's Program Leader for this information. He or she will have the most current participant counts.
All of our domestic hotels are nationally recognized chain hotels. Each hotel has been chosen for its cleanliness, hospitality, and safe location.
Most students get to choose their roommates at the discretion of the Program Leader. Ultimate approval of all roommate selections rests with the Program Leader.
Students enjoy full meals at the hotels or at local restaurants which are recognised for their quality standards.
While Explorars is not responsible for ensuring that participants with food allergies have specific meals while travelling, we do take a number of steps to facilitate participants' food requirements or restrictions. Despite our best efforts, though, several factors make it impossible for Explorars to make a reliable commitment ahead of your program that a specific meal will be arranged according to the health requirements for a participant. Parents of children who suffer from complex or extreme food allergies are advised to pack adequate snacks and provide extra meal money for their child to purchase uniquely prepared foods, if necessary. If your child has special dietary needs, please tell your Program Leader so that he or she can discuss it with an Explorars representative.
The specific itinerary will be chosen by your child's Program Leader, based on his or her educational goals.
Once finalized, the itinerary is sent directly to your Program Leader. It will be distributed at his or her discretion.
We use all major carriers.
You will receive a Program Information Letter from Explorars or your Program Leader containing specific details approximately two to three weeks prior to departure. This letter includes the flight / train schedule, as well as hotel and sightseeing information. All airline tickets are sent directly to the Program Leader.
Due to the nature of group travel, we are unable to change any aspect of the flight, including departure and return flight times and destinations.
Due to the nature of group travel and discounted group rates, airlines do not allow the use of frequent flyer programs. Group travellers are not eligible to use or receive frequent flyer miles.
Stay, meal and other required services will be arranged at extra charges.
Airline regulations prohibit an individual from departing from the group at the connecting airport.
Please get in touch with your Program Leader.
Comfortable clothes are preferable, and comfortable walking shoes are a must. Please consult the weather forecast and Explorars packing list while planning what to pack.
We recommend that students bring one suitcase and one carry-on bag. Please remember that students are required to carry their own luggage at times, so keep the weight manageable. The cost for checking baggage is not included in Explorars' program price, and travellers should be prepared to pay these fees upon check-in for both departing and returning flights. Please check your airline's website prior to travel for up-to-date information regarding these fees. If you do not yet know your flight arrangements for your program, you can find information regarding most major airline fees on their websites. Additionally, all travellers should be aware of the Transportation Security Administration's guidelines for air travel.
In accordance with Transportation Security Administration regulations, all participants must provide their full legal name (first name, middle, and last) matching information on a valid passport for international travel, government-issued ID for domestic travel, date of birth, and gender prior to ticketing. Students should make two black and white copies of their passport before travel in case their passport is lost or stolen; keep one in secured luggage and give one to the Program Leader. Passports must be valid for at least six months after the end of your program. You are responsible for obtaining your own passport, a process which can take several months. If you already have a passport, make sure that it will still be valid for six months after your return date.
In most cases, all necessary costs are covered during the duration of this program.
Traveller's checks are acceptable, but not recommended. Not all locations will accept a traveller's check from a minor.


Most registrants are offered three payment options:
  • 50% Payment will be made as deposit at the time of registration.
  • Remaining 50% will be paid at the time of confirmation or 60 days prior to travel, whichever is earlier.
  • Payments can be done to nominated Explorars account by cheque, DD and electronic transfer.
No, the deposit is non-refundable.
Explorer's programs are all-inclusive packages. Please refer to your trip letter to view what is included in your base trip price (excludes checked baggage fees at airport).


Your delivery kit will be delivered to you two weeks prior to your departure.
Merchandise can be returned to the following address, along with the participant's name, Customer Account Number, and the new size requested.
17, West Patel Nagar,
New Delhi – 110008.

Program Protection and Cancellation Policy

All cancellations and requests for refunds must be addressed in writing. Please include the registrant's name, Customer Account Number, and complete address. The refund process takes approximately four to six weeks. Please note that the 50% deposit made at the time of registration is completely non-refundable as per Terms of Agreement.
All refunds are processed within four to six weeks from the date of your written cancellation request.

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