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A Space Venture

Launch yourself into the space industry and experience genuine astronaut training in Ardennes, Belgium. You"ll get the chance to study astronomy, construct and test micro-rockets, participate in space shuttles simulations and train with real simulators!

Advanced Learning in the Alps

How does the United Nations function and what challenges are they addressing? You"ll find the answers to that and more as you travel across Switzerland, visiting the United Nations, CERN and hospitality colleges to learn how these fields work.

Playing under the English Sun

Travel to Oxford and Cambridge, the highest ranked universities in the world, participate in career development workshops, visit England"s banking hubs and explore London"s diverse culture on a bicycle!

An American Dream STARring You

Find out what the future of the space industry is like through hands-on workshops, NASA astronaut challenges and like skills. You"ll also get the chance to interact with a real astronaut, peer into American history at the Smithsonian Museum and Lincoln Memorial, and see the magic of Disney at Disneyland in Florida.

An Adventure through Space

Have you ever wondered what a journey into space might be like? Here"s your chance: Live like an astronaut, undergo authentic simulations and training, build and test prototypes, and conduct experiments. You"ll also visit an international university to explore academic options.

Train Like an Astronaut

The space industry is only just taking off. Blast off into the future of space by taking on simulated space missions and authentic simulators, designing STEM based applications, and engineering and designing robots. To top it off, you"ll also enter the world of journalism at the CNN Center, and enjoy some time at the Coca-Cola World Center and the Six Flags amusement park.

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