Top Places for Field Trips in UAE

School Field trips are a valuable way for students to learn outside the conventional framework of academics. Although, students in UAE have lots of options when it comes to the school field trips, we picked up the top places which are not only fun but the most educational too.

1. Playtown
Playtown located in city walk is ideal for children up to 10 years old. They can immerse in the world of their favorite cartoon characters. Girls can start with art & crafts inspired by Angelina Ballerina. While the boys can join Bob the Builder building a city or fireman Sam’s rescue team & save Ponty Pandy. That’s not where the adventure ends. A school field trip to Playtown is incomplete without the “Thomas & Friends” 4DX theatre. Students hungry for more adventure can ride through the Island of Sodor or meet the character in the multilevel softplay. If they are still looking for more excitement during their field trip then why not indulge in other houseful of activities, from dancing, painting, singing to playing instruments with Barney. It is recommended that the kids reach Playtown by 9:00 am so they have enough time to explore all the four zones. Students also receive complimentary certificates.

2. Rainforest in the city 
Have you ever imagined a tropical rainforest in the middle of a desert? Everything is possible in Dubai. Students need to plan their next visit to this giant ecosystem with over three thousand plants and animals. A perfect opportunity for students in UAE to learn about the wildlife, snakes & hairy tarantula leaving them awestruck. It is impossible to miss the exotic birds chanting in the rainforest, colorful butterflies emerging from their cocoons, swarms of honey bees gathering nectar from flowers and the biggest man-made tree in the world. There is so much more to explore and learn for students. 

3. Miracle Garden
Miracle Garden located near Dubai Motor City is next on our list. It is truly a miracle to find a hundred million flowers and the scenic beauty in the middle of a desert. Smaller children can start their journey on a choo choo train just near the entrance and be enchanted as they explore the natural sights. Older students can learn about the botanic life while enjoying the quirky details, floral hearts everywhere, houses and peacocks made of flowers. There is also a butterfly Garden stretching to 1,800 square meters, accommodating around 300 people per visit. Students can visit the nine domes, each with different colors, sizes and species of butterflies. They can also visit the alluring butterfly museum and beautiful butterfly Flower Park between the domes. The Tickets are for AED 40 per person.

4. The Lost Chambers Aquarium
The lost chambers Aquarium depicts the city of Atlantis lost beneath the sea for thousands of years. Students can engage in hourly myth tours, watch the interactive aqua theater shows, meet the baby alligators or learn about over 65,000 marine animals. For more adrenaline pumping activities, students could go for an ultimate snorkeling experience or one of the aquarium dives including the night shark dive. They also get to avail the discounted rates for UAE Residents. Teachers and parents can plan an educational field trip to The Lost Chambers Aquarium anytime between 10:00 am to 10:00 pm.

5. Dino Park and Dubai Garden Glow
If the teachers are teaching about dinosaurs. Why not plan your next visit to the Dino Park, where the students can meet the entire dinosaur family. It features more than 25 dinosaurs including the big and terrifying T-Rex and the ginormous Brachiosaurus. There is also a dinosaur museum with the real dinosaur bones on display. The dinosaurs move and roar as visitors go near them. If the students can pull themselves away from The Dino Park they can head over to the symphony of lights at the largest Glow Garden in the world. Here, the students can learn about the galaxy, the ocean, the animal kingdom, mushroom forest, fairy tales and different structures created by artists from around the world. They can have a great time while learning! The tickets are available online for AED 60 per person or can be purchased at any of the gates in Zabeel Park. 

6. Children's City
Next we have Children's City located in Creek Park. This place is perfect for kids up to 15 years old. It is the first educational city for kids built in Dubai. At children’s city students get to explore the different planets, learn about the human body parts, science, nature, as well as local and international cultures. Students usually love the Planetarium where they can dress up as astronauts and go on a space adventure. Learning about the Galaxy and the planets couldn’t be more fun! Children's City's also offers a range of core curriculum linked workshops and theme weeks on specific dates. Such activities can significantly enhance the student experience. The school can check the online Calendar to learn more about the upcoming events. The tickets cost AED 10 for kids up to 15 years old. 

7. Ferrari World
Located in Yas Island, Abu Dhabi, Ferrari World is the world’s first branded theme park and makes a great pick for an adventurous field trip. It just doesn’t end with souvenirs and luxury clothing branded by Ferrari.  The thrilling G-forced turbo track ride, Go-Kart racing and Ferrari inspired live entertainment shows exhibiting gravity defying stunts add more to the experience. You can choose to buy tickets from one of the three categories, the lowest price starting from AED230 that goes up to AED 445 per child(less than 1.3m). Some tickets come with merchandise vouchers, unlimited passes, priority seats for the shows and much more. It is open all year round. The opening hours are from 11:00 am to 8:00 pm.

8. Kidzania World Fair 2017
At Kidzania World Fair 2017 the Children are empowered through a global campaign that helps the students explore and learn about different cultures, and become global citizens. Combining fun filled activities and photo sessions in traditional clothing against the backdrop of various countries, allows the students to embrace and celebrate cultural diversity. To enjoy Kidzania to the fullest, you need to spend at least 2 hours. It starts at 10:00 in the morning throughout the week. Don’t forget that Entry into Kidzania closes one hour before the closing time. The tickets cost AED 105 for students aged between 4 and 16 years.

9. Al Bastakiya Heritage Village
Last, but certainly not the least, we have the Al Bastakiya Heritage Village, this amazing place was built in 1997 in the Al Shindaga Historical Neighborhood. It was built to exhibit the traditional lifestyle of Dubai, promote the occupation and craftsmanship of the Bedouins living in the coastal areas, mountain and countryside of the UAE. Students can also savor the traditional sweets, or take home dried milk pottery and souvenirs. Apart from the small houses made of stones, a display of tools used by the farmers, there is also a traditional clinic in the village where traditional doctors treat various medical conditions using herbal treatments. The trip to the Al Bastakiya Heritage village is absolutely free. It opens at 8:00 am on the weekdays. We highly recommend this trip if you're intrigued by history.

Field Trip Preparation
While field trips can be fun and educational for the students and teachers both, they often require long hours of planning. In case things don’t go as expected, the teachers should have another plan in place to engage the students. Therefore, every second of the trip has to be planned in advance. It is always a wise idea to hire a professional educational travel company to avoid the last minute surprises and make the most of your school field trip!

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