Send Your Child to the United States West Coast Instead Of the Mall This Summer

Children who grow up in the UAE live a comfortable and pampered lifestyle; however, when the summer season rolls in, school is out, and with temperatures soaring dangerously high, they seek out the most accessible place to retreat beyond one’s home, which is the mall. But is the mall the most beneficial place for your child to roam around in the summer after finishing months of hard work at school? Wouldn’t your child benefit from an educational platform that not only provides a knowledgeable and stimulating experience but a fun and transformative development as well? Look no further, because Explorars has the perfect solution for your child!

Reasons you should let your child travel without parental supervision this summer:

  • Visiting the headquarters of and learning from the best technology giants – Microsoft and Intel
  • Immersing in transformational field trips at Mount St. Helens and the Wildlife Safari in Oregon State
  •  Partaking in leaderships sessions and campus visits at world renowned universities – Stanford University and UCLA (University of California, Los Angeles)
  • Exploring, playing, and discovering with Universal Studios and increasing risk-taking abilities through the White Water Rafting experience
  • Learning more about space through sessions at NASA's Ames Research Center
  • Experiencing inspiring aviation innovations and participate in the Plane Making Workshop at the Future of Flight Aviation Center (Boeing Factory)

The Explorars team has developed an exciting program to ignite an ambition in your child. This summer, let your child travel abroad to get hands-on experience in advanced technology, visit some of the best universities in the world, and learn important life skills through teamwork and inspiring workshops.

1. Your child will not actually be traveling alone. With Explorars, your child will get to reap the benefits and rewards of traveling with the help of our trained Program Director(s) accompanying the group. There is a natural tendency for parents to worry about the safety of their child, but be rest assured that for every travel program, Explorars follows a detailed risk assessment and a 200-point safety checklist guideline. Your child will be in safe hands with the team.

2. Traveling abroad expands the mind, lowers stress, and leads to higher educational achievement. The BBC reports that traveling makes people healthier and that "students who have traveled abroad are nearly twice as likely as their home-bound peers to complete a college degree and [earn] higher incomes, out-earning their peers by more than 40%."

3. Instead of being a helicopter parent, help your child take flight. Traveling without parents instills a sense of maturity and independence in a child, which is extremely important as they transition to adulthood. Empower your child to enter adulthood with purpose, resilience and gratitude, by supporting them, not steering their life.

4. Make an investment in your child's development. Most parents tell their children that they can do whatever they want once they become an adult, however, that does not always hold true once those children do actually become adults. They become engrossed with building their careers, starting their own families, etc. But offering them something meaningful, such as a travel program experience, you are making a positive investment in your child’s future by supporting them to become global citizens and leaders of the next generation.

5. Long distance helps strengthen the bonds. If you ask college students who had never traveled abroad before or had never left their homes without their parents, they will unanimously agree that they felt homesick in their first semester. By allowing your child to experience traveling without your supervision, you will help eliminate that homesickness feeling once they are ready to embark on a college degree in the future. Also, studies have shown that long distance is great for strengthening bonds in relationships. What better way to bond with your child than to have them gushing about their experiences for the rest of the summer before the next school year begins.

Why the US West Coast program is beneficial for your child

While your child will get to see many sights on the travel route through the different cities along the West Coast, they will also learn how to care for themselves, learn technical and motor skills, and be able to visit universities that could potentially inspire them to apply there after graduating high school.

Here are the program highlights that your child will love:

Your child will come back with renewed energy, increased self-confidence, and will be more committed to their school work.

As a parent, you know what is best for your child. So between the mall and the trip of a lifetime, give your child an experience they will be grateful for and remember forever.

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