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Top Places for Field Trips in UAE

School Field trips are a valuable way for students to learn outside the conventional framework of academics. We picked the top places that are not only fun but the most educational too.

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How to Make the Most out of your Trip Abroad

If done right, traveling can be a truly transforming experience. I can confidently say that travelling had a big impact on a person I am today. Thus, we have compiled the best tips on how to make your...

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Top 10 Summer Travel Hotspots for Students

As summer approaches the UAE, students will be looking to travel abroad to escape the soaring temperatures. Find out the most popular destinations to travel to before college.

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Discover the Best Education System in the World

Just December last year, Pisa tests have determined Singapore as top in education rankings, coming in first in Maths, Science, and Reading...

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Five Essential Tips to Choose the Right University

Don't let the sheer number of universities fool you, choosing the right university can be a head-spinning affair. But if you get this decision right, you are assured of some exciting years ahead becau...

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7 things to do when you travel with Explorars!

Wondering what to do before you begin your journey with Explorars ? Here is a list of 7 things you must do when you travel with us! 1 Remember to pack well 2 Make a travel scrapbook or journal 3...

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Between School and College - What Is Missing?

A friend just left for Borneo to volunteer for two weeks in an orangutan sanctuary. We met for coffee last week and breathless with excitement, she mentioned how her work would involve a range of acti...

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Send Your Child to the United States West Coast Instead Of the Mall This Summer

Children who grow up in the UAE live a comfortable and pampered lifestyle; however, when the summer season rolls in, school is out, and with temperatures soaring dangerously high, they seek out the mo...

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Tuning into the Outdoors: An Antidote to Screen Time

When travelling with friends who have children, I play the reluctant 'babysitter-aunt' to the T. You won't find me holding tiny hands to cross streams, or metamorphosing into a creative storyteller on...

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