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    Terms & Conditions

    Planet Explorer Pvt. Ltd, referred as ‘Explorars’, has registered office at 602, DLF City Court, Sikanderpur, Gurugram, 122002. By signing this Explorars Program Booking Form, I undertake that I have carefully read, understood and agreed to the following:

    1. 1. I have read and agreed to terms & conditions as detailed on our website www.explorars.com.

    2. 2. I understand that Explorars hold the right to reject my application.

    3. 3. I understand that Explorars holds the right to make any changes in the program itinerary and transportation arrangements, including airline and train reservations. In the event of such changes, refund, if any will be in accordance with the booking & cancellation conditions as detailed on Explorars website www.explorars.com/program-terms-conditions.htm

    4. Cancellation Policy:
      The cancellation policy will apply when the participant cancels on his/her own accord, or is refused Visa by the Embassy, and if the minimum number of paid participant strength agreed is not met. In case the participant cancels, the cancellation is effective only when received in writing by Explorars from the person signing the Booking form. The policy is effective in relation to the date of program departure. The applicable refund will be made within 30 days of the cancellation date. Period before scheduled departure within which cancellation Amount of cancellation charge per paying participant: is acknowledged by Explorars in writing:

      Period before scheduled departure within which written notification of the cancellation is acknowledged byExplorars:

      Percentage of cancellation charge per paying participantcancelling:

      90 or more days

      Non-refundable portion of the enrolment fee paid at the time of signing the PBF or 15% of the program fees, whichever is higher

      Between 89 – 60 days

      25% of the total program fee or non-refundable portion of the enrolment fee, whichever is higher

      Between 59 – 30 days

      50% of the total program fee

      Between 29 – 0 days

      100% program fee

      If any cancellation reduces the number of paying participants below the minimum number required for a particular program price (including free places), the invoice would be adjusted accordingly for all remaining group participants. Cancellation on part of Explorars
    5. a) Explorars holds the right to cancel a program when the minimum number of paying participants required to run a program are not met by merging mutually agreeing schools. b) Whilst Explorars always endeavours to operate the program as confirmed, nevertheless, because of changing circumstances, it reserves the right to make alterations both before and after a confirmed booking. If for any reason the details of your program have to be changed before departure, Explorars will inform you as early as possible. If a participant's final payment is delayed beyond the due date he will not be eligible for compensation payment and the Company will invoke conditions as per the cancellation policy above (for more details refer to www.explorars.com/program- terms-conditions.html

    6. 4. I understand that if I am unable to secure a valid passport, the refund entitled to me (if any) will be based on Explorars Cancellation Policy. I will ensure that the passport is valid for at least 6 months after completion date of the program.

    7. 5. a) I understand that obtaining destination and transit visa(s) is solely my responsibility. I may seek Explorars assistance in procuring such visa(s) from the relevant embassy but I clearly understand that the issuance of visa(s) is at the discretion of the relevant embassy and beyond Explorars control. Explorars' Cancellation Policy will apply if my ward’s visa(s) application is rejected by the concerned embassy

    1. 5. b) My ward already has the required visa(s) for transit and destination country however, ensuring validity of visa(s) for purpose of this travel is solely my responsibility. Explorars' Cancellation Policy will apply if my ward is either refused boarding by the airline, or repatriated from the transit or destination country.

    2. 6. I am aware that while on an Explorars program, my ward is not allowed to visit any friends and relatives and that I am obligated for my ward's return to India on the return flight booked by Explorars for this specific program.

    3. 7. My ward will be with the program group at all times. Explorars will not be in a position to hold responsibility or liability for my ward's absence from the group or the tour at any given time during the program.

    4. 8. I understand that any personal expenses (phone calls, beverages, incidental expenses, hotel services etc) that my ward incurs while on an Explorars program shall be borne entirely by me. In case of any damages caused by my ward to public or private property (airline, hotel, coach, train, ferry or any other such property, I will hold full responsibility and will be liable to pay for the damage claims.

    5. 9. My ward shall follow the rules and regulation set by Explorars for its program. My ward will also follow the instructions of the accompanying Group Leader, school teachers and the Explorars Program Director. I understand that my ward's failure to comply with them may result in my ward's expulsion from the program, following which I will not be entitled to any refund and my ward will be sent home at my own expense.

    6. 10. My ward shall strictly abide by the laws and regulations of India and the countries he/she visits during the program with Explorars. This includes without reservation, laws and regulation related to alcohol, tobacco and drugs. I understand that drugs, tobacco and alcohol are strictly prohibited on an Explorars program. I understand that by not adhering to such laws and regulations, even unintentionally, my ward will be sent home at my own expense.

    7. 11. If my ward falls sick or is injured, the Program Director or, accompanying teacher(s)may take any and all action necessary for my ward's safety and well-being. This includes securing medical treatment at all costs and arranging transportation to my home destination.

    8. 12. The insurance policy includes coverage for personal and medical emergencies, so long as the reimbursement value is within the amount stipulated in the policy. Should one of the scenarios covered under the insurance befall my ward, I accept that I will bear all related expenses that occur during the program. However, a claim may be made for such expenses following the program and Explorars will help facilitate the claim process. In case that the expenses are not covered by the insurance policy, I accept that I will bear all expenses and cannot make claims related to it.

    9. 13. I release, indemnify or hold harmless Explorars and its affiliates (which term shall include all companies which directly or indirectly own or control Explorars and/ or are owned or controlled by Explorars, as well as any other company which is in any other company which is in any other way associated with, or affiliated to Explorars, regardless of in which country the company in question is registered, and their respective directors, officers or employees and agents) from any and all claims arising from or in connection with any personal injury, bodily injury, mental anguish, emotional distress, physical property or any other damage whatsoever that my ward has suffered, or may suffer, while on an Explorars program.

    10. 14. This declaration made by me is governed entirely by the laws of India. In the event of any dispute arising with regards to my ward's participation in an Explorars program, or any claim, dispute or proceeding, which in contract, tort or otherwise at law or in equity should arise between me and Explorars and/or its affiliates, whether or not related to this declaration. I submit and consent to the exclusive jurisdiction and venue of the courts of Delhi.

    11. 15. Explorars has my permission to use or publish any photographs or film in which my ward may appear, or use any comments or quotes made by me/ my ward during the program. Explorars may also use my contact information to inform me of its future programs, programmers, etc

    I have completed the registration and wish to send my ward for the education travel program being provided by Planet Explorars


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