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What we do

Explorars designs Educational Travel for students to Domestic and International destinations.

'Explorars' as the name suggests is a combination of the words Explore and Scholars.

We believe that travel is one of best, yet least exploited forms of experiential learning. When classroom teaching of inspirational teachers is complemented by travel, it has the potential to create exceptional world citizens.

"Yearning for Learning" is an attitude which empanelled experts, educators and academicians ensure is inculcated in our student travellers. The Explorars Edge is tailor made educational travel experiences for students perfectly blended with a wide portfolio of fun activities to choose.

While we believe in weaving learning and life skills into our journeys, our program design and versatile Program Directors make the whole experience full of fun. For it is proven that children learn best when they are enjoying what they do.

We ensure extremely high standards of safety and our programs offer great value for money.


Transforming learning through travel experiences



To transform the way students perceive studying,
through experiential travel,
by being a leader in the field of experiential education in the chosen geographies
thereby helping them acquire the passion for learning.

Who we are

  • An organisation of learning enthusiasts who are also involved parents, deeply inspired to help make a change
  • With over 100 years of collective experience from diverse fields of travel, education, marketing & finance
  • With a common purpose and a passion to "Transform Learning" with insightful advice from Expert Educators
Educational travel companies

Ashish Chadha

Ashish brings 20 years of rich experience in the travel space, running an award winning luxury travel company, Leisure Ways, with offices across India and South Africa providing bespoke travel experiences for India's foremost business luminaries and celebs. creating unforgettable memories for over 8000 travelers annually. Ashish's passion for travel has taken him to almost 40 countries across the globe.

best educational field trips in dubai

Shoba Mohan

Shoba brings more than 15 years of diverse experience in the travel space. She is the founder of RARE, an award winning brand leader in destination and experiential marketing one of the largest in this space. Shoba also writes regularly for various travel magazines, is a nature lover and a true people's person, expert at forming powerful partnerships.

Educational travel companies uae

Siddharth Suri

Sid started as a hotelier branching successfully into the corporate world. He brings over 15 years of diverse experience in sales, marketing and business management across India, Middle East and Africa, building consumer franchise based on business insights as a food specialist. Is a proven business turnaround and growth specialist with an uncanny ability of providing creative business solutions. Sid loves music, karaoke and is a diehard foodie.

best Educational travel companies uae

Tarun Dara

Tarun has had 15 years of progressively enriching experience working with some of the largest financial institutions based in Emerging Markets. His area of expertise is corporate finance and risk management with exposure to investments in diverse geographies which include Asia Pacific, US and Middle East. Tarun is a sports enthusiast and nurtures a passion to build social capital.